TestProject: The Tool of Future — Beginner guide to getting started

Anand Bhagwat
7 min readDec 31, 2019

When I first heard of TestProject I was thinking it is another additional tool for Test Automation. And I was thinking about what is the need of another tool when we have every such tool that is available in the market. Then I started understanding why I am hearing the name again and again. Then I thought to learn about it and I was totally surprised with TestProjects capability. So I thought to share some getting started series for new learners. So let’s get started with an introduction to test project:

TestProject is a free end-to-end test automation platform for web, mobile, and API testing that’s supported by the #1 test automation community.

Well, you might think many tools support this…? But do you know TestProject is backed by opensource community and people like us make the contribution to make it better And that’s one of the reason tool is evolved so much and gaining popularity.

One of the top reason you should try is TestProject is First SaaS Testing Platform, TestProject has many key benefits such as:

Always Free To Use:

TestProject is recently acquired by Tricentis, And their goal is to give it back to the community. And since it is based on open source tools Selenium and Appium, you can take part in active development and make a feature request

Powered Up by Selenium and Appium:

Hardly anyone here who not heard about selenium and its capability, TestProject knows How to take the selenium to the next level and help people with Selenium capabilities.

Community Driven

Do you know people like us helped TestProject Team to gain its popularity and they have very active community base. This is great when you make a feature request and people who have knowledge can collaborate on this to make it a reality. And of course, everyone here is so helpful.

Need New Functionality…? Addons are there for the rescue

TestProject addon is something that provides reusability of the feature which are created by people like us to help there particular use cases, One of the Widely Addon is Rest API addon to carried out the API testing. If you think something is missing in TestProject. You are empowered to make feature requests or create and share your developed Addon for people to use.

I hope the above key benefits will make you think about TestProject to try and Test…!

So let’s get started with TestProject First Automation Script:

1. Signup To TestProject from here: testproject.io :

The first thing you need to signup to TestProject, as already mentioned its always free to use so head toward to the website and create and account by clicking on the Signup button. You have to provide an email address, name, and password. Once done confirm your email address and you are done…!

2. Then Next Step is Adding an Agent:

Once you complete signup process and sign in, The first thing you should do is add an Agent. But before doing that let us understand what is an Agent in TestProject Platform:

TestProject Agent: You might aware about when you do automation you make certain configuration for Browser drivers, configuration, to allow supporting web and mobile application there is a need for setting those up. These all task is carried out by TestProject Agent. You need not worry about which browser driver version you need, which browser is supported with which browser driver, updating the driver based on the new release. Here, the TestProject Agent comes into rescue. Now, no more worry about driver executables are not found error:

To Add an Agent:

  • -Download and install agent, Its typical Windows installation with default action:
  • Install the Agent and start it it will sit in you toolbar like this:
  • Register and Agent:
  • Once you register it will show something like below:
  • You can see the Agent Information by clicking on it:

You are done Setting Up TestProject Agent and You are good to proceed ahead…!

3. Now, let us Start Creating Our First Test in TestProject:

Creating your first test is always a better way to start the journey, We will create a simple test that navigates to google.com and searches for TestProject and We will then validates the Google logo and search result is present or not.

  • 1. So click on New Test on header navigation, Select the Test Type as web, you can use either option as TestProject support Mobile platform by connecting your mobile device through USB. After selecting the Test Type Create a Project where you want to keep your test
  • 2. Add the Web Application on which you want your test to be created on, In this case, just use google.com, And Click on Record.
  • 3. Wait for few seconds to get the google website to get loaded you can see all the data from TestProject and presented with below kind of Page:

Here you can see the 1st step of navigating to Application is created, Now, here you can do the action or you can add the custom option of steps and validation.

We will verify the Google Logo is present or not. Just mouse over on Google Logo and press double Shift from Keyboard. You will get the dialog to select what you want to do. Whether you want to do any action or validation, check for attributes.

Since, we wanted to click and validate the google logo is present, then just select Click action and And Validation of is logo present.

  • 4. Whichever steps you add it gets stored in the Step box, Now we want to search for TestProject keyword in google and validate the result. So, Click on Textbox , add the action of Type text by pressing double Shift button from keyboard.And The add action on Clicking on Search button.

Now, After the add the validation of Whether the first result is having the text by mouse hover, pressing double shift> Validation>Contains step And add the text to check in create step and your done with test steps, Simple close the browser. Your test will saved automatically.

Navigate to Home. You can see your just created Project will be shown, click on it, Your just created test will be present here, You can directly run it from here but its recommended to Add the Job and add the tests in it and run,

So, Now create a Job by clicking Add a Job, Give the Job Name and Select the Agent and Browser.

Drag your test in the Job,

Now, Click Run, And see the magic… You test will start running on your agent…!

After the Job is run you can see the result by clicing on the reports of job and can download the reports.

Voila, You just successfully ran your first test in TestProject…! And this way you can keep your test free for lifetime and run your tests anytime, You can add multiple team members to collaborate on your tests as well.

To Summarize this:

TestProject is the First SaaS platform to create, manage, and run your Automation and It is free and open-source based platform. Its and Efforts from Tricentis to giving back to the community. It reduces the complexity of managing the configuration overhead and need for manual intervention. Besides starting from 2015, TestProject is gaining lots of positive response because of its Community-powered strategy to help people and reduce the common problems we face, It is based and backed by the Selenium and Appium and many contributors like us helping to improve and adding the newer functionality through Addons, It supports Mobile, Web and API testing, And do not forget about the Security the TestProject Team is providing All our data will be in encrypted and stored in secure s3 bucket, they not store any sensitive data in their platform. Also, there is much more is lined up for us in 2020. So It is one of the great tools to add to your knowledge base. If you stuck somewhere TestProject Team is available 24/7 to help us and who can forget the open-source community.

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