I just started learning GitLab ci-cd recently and found we should have a clear understanding of what is pipeline and how we can relate in real life. I always understand things better when it relates to our real life. This article is not technical at all. but you can relate to it and based on the foundation of fundamentals we can easily build up our knowledge. Or you might create your own pipeline too :)

To set up the expectations after reading through this article you will relate the Pipeline concept with your real-life and maybe you will found a…

API’s and Backend Testing is something that always fascinates me, I just love when API’s return me a meaningful data in JSON format right from the Backend Database. Being a Tester when I started learning about API’s and Webservices and How we can do the Testing of those. I have been exposed to different open and Public API’s that are freely available all over the internet. So, I have started with the same I learned and performed various operations on API’s so that I can learn to Validate these APIs.

Firstly I learned how to test those APIs Manually and…

Way back in 2015, when I started my journey as a Software Quality Assurance Internship and Now nearing to complete my 5 years of Testing Journey in 2020, I ask myself What changed in me…? The one answer that always comes in my mind is, I have become passionate about Software Quality and all its different aspects. And Whenever someone asks me I always introduce myself as a “Passionate Software Test Engineer” Being an active member in my professional social media platform and keeping an active dialog with all my connections in the Software world. I was always eager to…

When I first heard of TestProject I was thinking it is another additional tool for Test Automation. And I was thinking about what is the need of another tool when we have every such tool that is available in the market. Then I started understanding why I am hearing the name again and again. Then I thought to learn about it and I was totally surprised with TestProjects capability. So I thought to share some getting started series for new learners. So let’s get started with an introduction to test project:

TestProject is a free end-to-end test automation platform for…

Many times we wanted to copy a file to the container or copy our work to & from the container. Using a docker volume and bound mounts can be a good way but what if you forget to attach a volume to the container?

Well, when you caught up in that situation and you do not want to use volume for single copy operation and want to do at runtime. The solution to this is single docker Command:

Docker cp: Copy files/folders between a container and the local filesystem, Just check the docker cp — help:

C:\Users\anand> docker cp —…

I have started learning TestNG and Jenkins integration from scratch, though it is very easy, but, If you have no knowledge about the TestNG and its feature and Jenkins basic it is hard to integrate and running a simple TestNG test with Jenkins.

So, for all the novice learning the TestNG and Jenkins users, hope you can get started running your first test with Jenkins


1) Jdk

2)Selenium Jars

3)Eclipse IDE (Editor)

4)Integrated TestNG Eclipse plugin

5)Running instance of Jenkins

Steps 1: Create a TestNG Test:

Open Eclipse>Create New Java Project>in src folder Create a TestNG class

Append the below example code:

package firsttestngpackage;import org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver;

Anand Bhagwat

Software QA Engineer who do QA and DevOps stuff

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